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                                      Desert Falcon Enterprises is a NEW Company.
                                          We are just getting started; we're looking forward to serving you, for many years to come.
                                            Our wish is to make your visit, to our website, memorable and your
                                             shopping experience one that brings you good value, for your money.
                                              I am a Professional Pilot, type rated in the B737, CE500 and CE560XL aircraft.
                                                We have developed "Desert Falcon Rising," as an Aviation resource, website, 
                                        for those interested in Aviation.
                                       So, I if you like airplanes and you want to shop for products that are interesting,
                                         hope you visit our website to see what's new!
                                          Thanks for stopping by the Desert Falcon Enterpises,LLC website.
                                         I am personally glad you are here!
                                              Your Flying Friend,

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