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Home Aviation, Space and Technology News Pilot Fatigue Rules Might Encompass Cargo Pilots

Pilot Fatigue Rules Might Encompass Cargo Pilots

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Pilot Fatigue Rules might Encompass Cargo Pilots

The FAA has asked a federal court to delay a lawsuit by a pilot union so the agency can take another look at whether cargo pilots should be covered by new Part 121 flight, duty and rest regulations.

When the FAA issued a final rule last year, it excluded cargo operations. Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood encouraged freight carriers to adopt the anti-fatigue measures voluntarily. But the Independent Pilots Association (IPA), which represents UPS pilots, filed a lawsuit to force the FAA to include cargo operations. On May 17, the Justice Department asked the U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia to put the lawsuit on hold while the FAA “re-examines” the calculations it used to justify exempting cargo operations.


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